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My Al-Quran 日本語


"My Al-Qur'an" is an application to read the Qur'an which is equipped with Japanese translation. The application also comes with Murottal Qur'an from some recitor such as:- Abdul Basit- Abdullah Basfar- Abdurrahmaan As-Sudais- Abdul Samad- Abu Bakr Ash-Shaatree- Ahmed ibn Ali al-Ajamy- Alafasy- Ghamadi- Hani Rifai- Husary- Hudhaify- Ibrahim Akhdar- Maher Al Muaiqly- Minshawi- Muhammad Ayyoub- Muhammad Jibreel- Saood bin Ibraaheem Ash-Shuraym- Parhizgar
Some of the features of the "My Al-Qur'an" can give you an easy way to read Qur'an, these features are:
- Show / hide translation- Continue reading (Marker Qur'an)- Juz Amma- Bookmark- Search Ayah- Share Ayah- Download Murottal- Auto Scroll Murottal- Font Size setting Qur'an